What is Seizures?

Sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. This leads to temporary disruptions in normal brain function. 

Types of Seizures

Generalized Seizures

Mnemonic: "GENeralized Electric Dance" - The whole body gets involved in this seizure party!

1. Tonic-Clonic

May begin with an aura.

Tonic: stiffening Clonic: jerking

2. Myoclonic

Sudden jerking movement of extremities

3. Absence

Loss of awareness (stare blankly into space)

4. Atonic

Sudden loss of muscle strength/tone

Partial Seizures

Mnemonic: "FOCal Power Surge" - Sparks fly in a specific part of the brain!

1. Simple Partial

Does not affect awareness/LOC

2. Complex Partial

Altered awareness/LOC 

Nursing Actions

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