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The MedSurg Flashcard Sheet Makers provides you with a fun and effective way to take notes as a nursing student. This includes 13 downloadable (A4) sheets. The images shown are different ways that you can create your sheets into flashcards.The template includes:
1. Cardiovascular System
2. Respiratory System
3. Gastrointestinal System
4. Genitourinary System
5. Musculoskeletal System (2 sheets)
6. Endocrine System
7. Lymphatic System
8. Reproductive System
9. Integumentary System
10. Nervous System

How to use it.
1. Print (back and front), cut the sheets into cards, write your notes and laminate them (optional).
2. Print the sheets and bind them.
3. You can use the sheets on your iPad.

This is an A4-sheet PDF file that you print yourself. All featured items are mock ups that shows how the items would look like when printed.

Nothing would be shipped to you, your PDF items will arrive via email (google drive).

We are not to be held accountable of the printing quality due to your printer. A quality printer would yield the image shown.

Once payments are confirmed, your files (PDF) would be sent to you via email to the PayPal email address used.

Waiting Time.
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Shop Policy
I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations as these are all PRINTABLE PDFs.
Please contact me if you have any problems with your order. A contact section is provided on our website.

Kindly do not attempt to redistribute this material as Fiskvik Antwi is the sole owner of this material. All printables are subject to copyright law

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I love these study guides!

They are super helpful, def helps to understand the content a bit more!! Thank you so much 😊

Precisely in details

I ordered this bundle first because it was cheaper than other nursing study materials online, and second to prepare me for my level 2 in Fall.
The bundle is thorough and concise. I like how it has pathophysio of every disorders in each body system. Great tool to understand med-surg in advance!

Great cards

I love the information provided throughout these cards! Great information for med surg classes

So fun and greatly organized

As I advance in my medical career, this Mental Health study guide has been beneficial to reminding me why I do what I do and has helped keep me level headed and above the game with the advice and knowledege presented. Will be purchasing more! Also it is fun to read and study out of. Not like your typlical boring text books.

Best idea

This the best idea for those wanting to become nurses


Makes studying fun, summarised well. I love it

Video review

This was a helpful video. I start nursing school and wanted to learn how to study better, and this helps!

Amazing layout

I haven’t started my semester but these look as though they will definitely help me get through it.

Awesome review material.

The material helps with general overview. I wish some items included a bit more info. I.e. the lab values show the ranges, but don’t give info on conditions associated with “out of range” values. That could go in specific cards for those conditions, as there would probably be too much info for the lab cards by themselves.


The mega nursing bundle is incredibly helpful as it provides exactly what you need to understand the concepts you are learning.

Clear and concise

Information is clear and concise, would be handy to print as a quick reference tool on lanyards etc

Love this!!

Love this and super helpful!!!!


The template is very well put together and easy to understand.

Mega bundle

The contents of this material are outta this world! I absolutely loved it and recommend it to any nursing student.

Amazing content

It is very well summarised and makes learning easier for me.

Great Study Tool

Great Study Tool. Very Helpful and Easy to follow

I wish it was a hard copy, but never the less this product summarizes and focuses on some of the main topics/content for these different nursing classes. Thank you!

Love it very helpful.

MedSurg Bundle

I loved the layout of this bundle! It was easy to read and gave all the information I needed!

MEGA nursing bundle- everything you want summarised for RN study

I’m second year bachelor of nursing student the mega nursing bundle summarises all the knowledge I need to know. So much help.. couldn’t recommend more for people that have trouble grasping the major concepts of pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, specific disease management, treatment and nursing consideration specific to the conditions


I got the complete package and I must say is really worth it, as an IEN trying to gather back her memories of nursing in Canada , I really love it, I only wish I can make a hard copy of it 🥹

Love it very helpful.

Great Breakdown

This is my second purchase as I am currently a bsn nursing student. I love Nurseboss study guides. They’re so helpful and make learning easier. Would highly recommend if you're the type of person that needs that extra help. 10/10!


I'm currently a bsn nursing student and although people warn you, nothing can really prepare you for the rigor of nursing school. I felt as if I was missing something and this maternal health nursing guide has allowed me to grasp concepts quicker and makes learning fun. The layout is perfect! Will be purchasing a guide for each class!

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